“We never got something that would stand up for an investigative piece, let alone a court case.”
Jeremy Jojola of 9 NEWS
Dear Lakewood City Council ,
As John Q Public who has just learned of your plight you have my sympathy’s. I hope you will be strong in your efforts and not bow to this clear attempt at a shakedown of your community and workers.A clear attempt at extortion and harassment by these wanna be thugs. It is a shame that this scourge on all workers has now descended on your community to try and extort you and your contractors into giving them their cut of the action.. One thing is well documented. The SWRCC/UBC Union does not care about workers wages or workers rights.Their so called leader Randy Thornhill, who was just rewarded with the SWRCC EST position, is taking down over $315,000 per the 2016 LM2. Of course the number is higher with 25% of his base income being put into one of his multiple pensions. This same leader of these wanna bees extorting your community was found guilty of multiple breach of Fiduciary duty under ERISA for lavish Party’s using fund money among other findings.This same wanna be leader Thornhill was part of a recent desertification of the OPEIU Union leaving all the SWRCC office workers without a Union.The same EST was instrumental in all SWRCC Retirees losing their ability to get health care.

This organization, which is trying to get its piece of the Colorado action by extortion,makes the contractors they are crying about look like boy scouts..Their NYC Organization is under a consent decree for corruption. Their Philadelphia Organization is facing a RICO case.Their NY State Organization was seized and the Fund Trustees, who lost a large part of our Pension and annuity funds to Madoff,sued for $340 million. The UBC International made a deal let them off the hook. Their UBC International is diverting BY FORCE,hundreds of Millions of Pension Fund money to finance scams run by ULLICO,Macquarie Infrastructure,Amalgamated Bank,State Street Bank,Hamilton Lane and others.Any fund that refuses is seized. Any Fund admin who refuses is fired.This is what they want for Colorado workers??This is what they will impose on your workers.

This same Organization pretending to care about Local Colorado workers and Colorado Jobs comes before State and Local Governments such as yourself demanding PLAs on projects to make sure Local workers get Local jobs. They spew propaganda about area standards.Yet despite making these promises they never had any intention of hiring local workers and ship in UBC workers from all over the country under their “full mobility”rules while local workers sit home and collect Unemployment. In Upstate NY at Global Foundries the project got 3 billion in tax breaks and grants. The UBC demanded a PLA to protect local jobs.Despite the promise for local jobs the UBC shipped in workers from Texas and Illinois for the all mighty PCI and other company’s. .They also paid them a higher rate than local workers and shipped all the benefit hours out of state. If you fall for their lies and deceit your workers will face the same. The States and local Town of Malta NY made the mistake of falling for their lies and agreed to a PLA under the premise of Local jobs.After getting the PLA the UBC then let 189 skilled Local workers sit home while they flooded the job with PCI and other workers.

In Las Vegas they violated their own CBA and cheated Local Vegas workers out of Work hours, benefit Hours. . On a job site for the Tru Hotel, which is a partnership with Union Busting Hilton Worldwide and the Carpenters International,the Union itself violated its own CBA by shipping in Pre Fab walls for the entire project.These walls were Pre Fabbed at garbage wages in Lenoir Tenn . So much for area Standards .The factory is called Jobsite Steel(Steal) and is secretly own by the UBC International . So rules are OK but only for others and not the UBC. It is absurd that the President of Local 1977 who allowed this and condoned it wants to come yak about protecting your Colorado workers. This is what will be imposed on Colorado workers.It appears they have create another one of these UBC cutthroat Pre Fab factory’s in Colorado as well.

Right now hundreds of thousands of retirees are under attack.They are cutting their Pensions up to 70% using the Multi Employer Reform Act. Despite calling it the Miller-Kline act it was actually the Union Leaders, including UBC McCarron, as Board members of the NCCMP who wrote it to cover for their looting of members pension funds.It was originally the NCCMPs “Solutions not Bailouts”. This is what they want these other workers to join.

Speaking of picketing. The NLRA Section 7 says you cannot be forced to engage in Union picketing or under Section 8 be coerced to do so.Right now in NY States Region 3 Office of the NLRB a UBC member is fighting the Carpenters trying to force him to picket.He if refuses to do the MUP.(Mandatory Union Picketing) he is fined $500. If he refuses to pay the $500 he is booted out of the Union.So is this is not extortion of a worker by the organization in Colorado (the SWRCC/UBC) who is calling Colorado contractors criminal.

These same people who are crying about rules have declared they are above all rules and laws. The NLRB has ruled in a case involving the NYC Carpenters and New Jersey Carpenters.It is a case on infighting.The New Jersey UBC Carpenters filed an NLRB case demanding to be allowed to steal the NYC Carpenters work and benefit hours and ship them back to New Jersey. NYC demanded to be allowed to force New Jersey workers to join their Council and to cheat their own UBC members out of Pension hours.The NLRB ruled against the NUC group. The lawyer for the NYC group have refused to comply with the NLRB judges ruling telling them “The NLRB has no enforcement power so we are ignoring their order. To this day they are cheating workers.These are the people saying others will not abide by the law??This is what Colorado workers will face.

You have a scourge that has descended on your town. if the allegations are true they are making then of course your must take action. One would hope you demand real proof and not the propaganda spew by these UBC thug wanna bees. I would hope that your council would not even consider allow this new scourge called the United Brotherhood of Carpenters to get a foot hold in your community. There are many good hard working UBC members in the organization They would be welcomed in any community and would be an asset to any community for honesty and integrity. However they are now dominated and abused by a Leadership that has become a scourge on organized labor.
These good honest UBC members are not represented in Lakewood by the likes of Thornhill,Rodriguez or Hail who are clearly morally bankrupt.Their organizing by extortion and threats does not reflect the attitude of the UBC member but the agenda of a small hand full of corrupt punks who have seized control of the UBC and its membership.The same abuse that is now heaped on the UBC rank ad file Will be heaped on Colorado workers if you let them get a stranglehold on your community.
Their methods are clear by their banners,deeds and actions. They have made accusations but limit the proof. If the proof existed they would be holding it out front and center. What about those who hold the banners.The UBC has dummy companies set up that they pay these Banner People through.IN NYC THEY PAY THEM FROM A DUMMY COMPANY
AS Information Resource Inc 395 Hudson St. New York, NY 10014 EIN # 27-2115098
NAS Information Resource Inc. 91 Fieldcrest Ave Edison, NJ 08837 EIN: 45-0637407 Go look at the documents.
Their attack on Jeremy Jojola of 9 NEWS because he would not run a propaganda story based on no PROOF should be a clear indicator.He clearly says “you and your union can’t be trusted” He confronted them with FACTS which seems to make their banners all LIES.
We heard the union out. I gave you guys a chance.The story sounded good and interesting. It really did.I spent hours setting up undercover video with workers at sites….BUT THE STUFF WE GOT NEVER MET THE STANDARD FOR WHAT YOU THINK IS CRIMINAL ACTIVITY.We TRIED multiple times to get a “smoking gun” on camera.We TRIED AND TRIED. It was not worth our time to repeatedly go out and come back with nothing.I spent hours in an undercover van and at work sites.We never got something that would stand up for an investigative piece, let alone a court case. Instead all we see is their “because we said so” garbage.The content of their banners is clearly an attempt at extortion,grandstanding and misdirection . The insinuation that your Police are paid off is a slap in the face to your force.And to claim the Council “works for the Cartel’ is absurd.
Your community is not the only Tobe victimized. Their organize by extortion is alive and well in other areas as well. In NYC they have The Carpenters Reward Program” run by the UBC Carpenters in NYC. With this “organizing by extortion tool” they solicit a non Union worker to steal their company documents so they can extort them into signing . They also got them to steal their fellow workers pay stubs and give them to the NYC Carpenters Union.In return this worker got a Union book and bypassed every other member on the out of work list and given immediate employment.And the best. Would you like to read the report from the private investigator Nelson&Nelson who was hired by the UBC Law firm of Decarlo and Shanley to stalk a UBC Member and his wife. One Horacio Grana. What was their crime. Horacio Grana maintained a web site that exposed corruption in the SWRCC Pension fund.”We are to pay particular attention to see if he visits any Union Halls.Mr Grana maintains a website devoted to berating the Carpenters Union and its leaders”

This is the reality of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters. While the Marsha Brady wanna be thugs have made allegations but Mr Jojla has declared “We never got something that would stand up in a court case. I have documents to PROVE all I have written.Do they.As the Lakewood Council you have a duty to protect your community and citizens. In all fairness you need to take the legal steps to run this scourge out of your community. Please do not hold the actions of these Carpetbaggers against good hard working UBC members. I would hope if the UBC ever frees itself of this scourge the members will be welcomed back and an integral part of the Lakewood Community.Until then please stand strong and take out the trash